Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look who I saw at SCWC*SD26

I Am So Busted.  The number one rule in every book, every online article, every podcast I've saved to my smartphone playlist, and every Romance Writers of America National Conference workshop I've ever listened to on the topic of blogging is the same:  content is king.  Posts to a blog need to be timely and frequent.  Two or three posts a week is the minimum for new material - if the goal is to attract and keep readers.  

Which is exactly why I didn't need to take a hiatus of more than a week.  But I did.  But before you  stop reading, drop me from your email feed, or cancel your follow, allow me to plead guilty with an explanation.  

I still haven't recovered from the awesome Southern California Writers' Conference in San Diego this past weekend.  I urge you to check out the highlights and award winners, and make plans to join us next year (or this September in Newport Beach!) Thank you, MSG, Wes, Chrissie, Cricket, Jeremy, Janis, Linda, Jean, Laura, Drusilla, Mark, Matt, Andrew and all the workshop leaders for making this a very special time!

I plan to go into more detail about SCWC in the coming weeks and months, but for now I want to share one major highlight:  

This was Saturday evening just after introducing agent Paul Fedorko and best-selling author T. Jefferson Parker prior to the banquet.  I'd be hard-pressed to name two finer gentlemen in the world of contemporary publishing.  It was my pleasure to spend a few quality minutes with both of them during the weekend.  

I hope I didn't freak them out too much, gushing my appreciation of the works they've brought to me as a reader over the years.  But how else could I react?  This SCWC felt like the literary equivalent of the World Series and these two men are on the all-time All Star team!  Thank you guys for your kindness and understanding. 

I'll give you a hint of which book I bought at the conference that I've already started reading. 


  1. You slacker! HA HA HA HA - It was so much fun hanging with you and Linda at the conference. And a ginormous THANK YOU for all the work you do. You do so much behind the scenes, dealing with all the personalities. I appreciate you. I suppose I should go write another blog post so I can remain "timely", but I already wrote one for Snoopy today, and I'm kind of working on a project right now. Can I get some kind of waiver?

    1. Hey Gayle,

      Thank you for your kind comments. Waiver granted. I'm glad we had a little time to hang out, but it was too brief for me. See you next weekend.

  2. Rick, you were everywhere putting out fires and doing what needed to be done. None of us could do what we do without support like yours. Dependable, always smiling, sharp to anticipate what needed taking care of before someone had to ask -- you are Staff Guy par excellence! I always rest easy when you're there. And I do look forward to more conference stories. And to your book ... if you could just freakin' write faster!

    1. Thank you. You'll make me blush.

      I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Thank you for reminding me to tend my own writing too. How about if I bring my novel ready to submit to Newport Beach? I expect you to hold me accountable.

  3. Some day I will get down there for this conference and play with you and Linda in SD!


  4. We're hoping you do. Don't wait too long!

    Thank you for your comment.